Before Texas decided to be totally disrespectful with the weather, it was actually okay to go places and not die before you get there. I had a chance to visit the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, it was OK! Having been to the Dallas Arboretum before, I had HIGH expectations (to say the least). Well the red flag should have been that it was FREE, because when I got there my balloon deflated.  It was an open park with different gardens throughout, and those flowers were screaming "HELP ME"!!!! This is totally my take on it so I totally get it, if others don't agree. LOL

I went out there with a task at hand, so I had to follow through. Not to mention I was feeling very Sex in the City, with my take on the tulle skirt like Mrs. Fashion (Carrie Bradshaw). And if you don't know who that is, I think you have some googling to do, like right now. Like don't even finish and go look it up NOW!. Any who, moving on and moving forward.

I found this blush tulle skirt at Ross, for like $10.00, you can't beat that. Of course I know the whole tulle thing has gone and passed, but I like to do things on Endia time! I went for a more casual, dressed down look for that day but it can also be paired with some pumps and glammed up. When it comes to tulle, it is very interesting to say the least. Tulle has many variations, it can be hard to soft or even small holes to large holes. It also stretches easily, so after my first wear it stretched only in the back. I didn't notice until after I had taken the skirt off. Now to the average person, they wouldn't know what todo but I do. I hung it up evenly and just took a pair of scissors to it, and evened it up. Good as new!
I loved trying something new, and a different texture. I mean most of the tulle worn in your life is attributed to Homecoming, Prom or your Wedding dress. Enjoy the pics, I even found a Sunflower the ambassador to the company.

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