Designer Who?

Ooohhhh the world of fashion and designers that live in it. There are so many to choose from, because not every designer offers the same thing. That is why it is so easy to fall in love with it. Designers pour a lot into their collections and it then becomes a work of art that tells a story. With all that being said, that is for clothing but today I want to talk about Handbags. What is your favorite style of bag?? Me personally I love large bags, I like to carry my life inside. You guys know the magazine that features a certain celebrity and what they carry inside their purse? I would put that to shame, I carry a lot of unnecessary items in mine. LOL I am the one to think that, I will use it one day and I need to be prepared for anything!

Some of my fav designers are as follows, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and Celine. Seems like a lot,huh? From Michael Kors, I’m in love with the Hamilton bag. That has been one of my all-time favorites, it took me many years to work up the nerve to purchase one.  I would see them all over, but I got turned off by the way they wore over time. It wasn’t very pleasing to me, I was never really sure if it had to do with the owner or the purse itself. Well, I took the chance and purchased one anyways. I have been happy I did, I LOVE IT! Now I can honestly say that it was the OWNER. I take care of Michael! There is one downside to it, the bag shell is heavy due to the grade of leather. So when I add my millions of things, it gets heavier. Other than that, it is great quality for the money.

Louie, Louie, ohhhh Louie! Louie and I have a love hate relationship, it really depends on the bags that are out. I was a firm believer that Louis Vuitton was extremely easy to knock off, now a days any bag is. I just felt like there was no way for that many women to have a darn Louie bag! I saw them EVERYWHERE! There is one bag that I have grown to love, the Artsy MM with Monogram Empreinte ! LOVE, LOVE LOVE, btw.

For Gucci, my bag is no longer made (tear). This was a classic bag and popular when it was available, the Large Gucci Horsebit Boho bag. Back in the day circa 2007 roughly, this was my dream bag. I remember that I was a hair away from purchasing! I’ve been beating myself up ever since, especially because it is no longer made.

When I see Chanel, it think of old money. There is just that feel of old glamour and wealth wrapped in one. If I had one, it would just be specifically for “stunting” purposes. “Stunting” is another way of saying showing off. I think this traditional Hot Pink Quilted Caviar Classic, is the ultimate “stunt” bag. To me the black classic look, would be worn by my grandmother. For my age group, I think the updated colors are better in my opinion.

All previous bags are obtainable, in the normal world. LOL These last two by Hermes and Celine, these are on my millionaire bucket list. I have a normal bucket list and a millionaire bucket list, of course they have different things that require different amounts of money. In my dreams, I have these bags and I style and profile carrying them. I would want the Hermes Berkin bag the Kim K has, that was hand painted by her daughter. I may get backlash about it, because why would you paint on a bag that expensive. But honestly, you can’t put a price on the artwork of your kids and also if I got that type of money that is a whole different story. Lastly is the Celine bag, which is an add in just because in my mind I would have the money. It reminds of a bucket, but it’s a very stylish and expensive bucket.


I had fun living through my words for this post. As I do have high dreams and hopes, I know one day I will have all those bags plus more. For everyone else, think about what your bags would be. 

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