No Shade, No Tea

I am a LOVER of shades, sunnies, polarized spectacles. Over the years, I have grown from the wild and funky flair to the more sophisticated expensive flair. I remember I would always have around 5+ on deck at any given time. It spanned from lime green oversized sunnies to octagon purple disco shades.  And of course, I always had a pair of aviators on hand, that was a must! Just like leaving the house with deodorant is a must, so are aviators. Since I have grown and gotten older, I tend to only have 1-2 at a time.

Current shades in my car right now are Michael Kors Chelsea Sunglasses in purple for $99.00. Love them because I get so many complements on them and because they are different. Before those I had a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient with a blue/grey gradient for $200.00. They were my babies, I miss them dearly. They were my first true pair of Ray-Bans, the fit is impeccable and like no other sunglass brand. They fit like a glove. I like the regular sized aviators and the not the oversized ones, just because I didn’t want them to swallow my face. I will definitely replace those!

Upon a recent trip into Sunglass Hut, I noticed a pair by Gucci; it was love at first sight! I will be purchasing them very soon. The Gucci Square-frame Optyl Sunglasses in dark tortoiseshell optyl for $330.00, they are to die for! So, guys what are your favorite go to shades? Is there a shape type that you gravitate towards? For me, I would have to say that I like thick chunky fames but they must be square. If I do a round shape it would have to be the large cat eye rounded shape not a true round. I just don’t think that shape looks good on me. And I can’t forget about my aviators, that is a classic staple sunnie.

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