I'm sorry, but is anyone else as excited as I am????

I am bursting from the seams with excitement to finally launch a portion of my dreams. FYI, the reason I say a portion is that it does not stop here! After reaching a breaking point within myself, I was guided to get back to the things that excite me the most which is allowing my creative juices to flow and let the art surrounding me be my inspiration. I wanted to let all my struggles, pain, fear and anything that hindered me from reaching my full potential know that you can't control me anymore. I am back in control and I am coming for what I deserve. I am telling my story in my blog, in the pieces I bring to you, in the way that I style pieces and in many more ways. As i dance to the beat of my own drum, I want everyone that shops and reads my blog to do the same as well. I also want and encourage your stories to be told as well as break free and also embrace your walk of life. And because I am so excited to bring Sunflower Story to everyone I want those fellow readers of mine to take advantage of a special offer. I am doing  10% off your order when you use the promo code "WELCOME". This offer will be available for a limited time and I highly encourage you to take advantage! I want to thank everyone in advance for your support, now lets get this show on the road!

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