What is that, Velvet?

Velvet has been spotted all over the runways for the Fall of 2016/2017, and is definitely making a comeback. It’s been around for ages but just one of those fabrics that are not used very much, unless you’re making a leotard! I don’t know why it doesn’t get the glory and praise that it desires.

With that being said I will be contradicting my statement….
I’ve never owned ONE piece of velvet in my life. So without even thinking about this trend I challenged myself to try something different. On a recent shopping trip to my local Salvation Army (aka Goodwill) I found some GREAT things. I found not one but THREE velvet loves, and many other loves to. Kuddos to me because I made a killin, #nailedit! 

Below is my trial and error on my velvet pieces from the Goodwill. I have on a deep purple maxi dress, when purchased it did not have the slit so I added the love. I paired the dress with an over sized chambray shirt and some sneeks, added accessories to top the look off. Here is a similar dress, so shop the look. For the other look, I have a long black velvet skirt paired with a sleeveless crop fringe top. I added the wool floppy hat, stacked bracelets, layered necklaces and sandals to add depth and textures. Anthropology has a great spin off this skirt, go check it out.  

Here are some things to consider when shopping, velvet comes in a variety of grades, as does any fabric. When selecting a piece, I look at the structure of the piece, the quality of the velvet and the type of piece it is. Be sure to select a high grade of velvet so that it will be sure to keep its natural luster. Velvet has a tendency to look dull and old over time. And to add to the “old” note, be careful where it is housed as it can harbor smells easily. I’m not sure about you but I don’t want to walk around smelling like a giant moth ball! Lol

The question of the hour, how do you wear velvet? Some may be asking or some need to ask, just saying (no shade)! Like all things it must be done in MODERATION, I cannot stress that enough. I am so glad that we are over that jumpsuit phase (Juicy Couture). Be mindful of the color selection, I personally like deeper hues because they give me LIFE. The season will also dictate what your color choice will be. For me I don't wear items according to the season, I just make sure to wear them appropriately in that season.
No one wants to walk around like the Velvet Man!

Step out of your comfort zone, try something different. You just might like it.... Happy Shopping!

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