Her Story

Heeeeeeyyy, my name is Endia Leigh Hurdle and this is a little about me.  I was born in Milwaukee, WI to Craig Jordan and Sharon Hurdle in 1987.  As a child I lived a somewhat unusual life, as I had to deal with losses at an early age.  At the tender age of 13 I lost my mother to a terminal illness, and I never had the pleasure of knowing the man who helped bring me into this world.  My adolescent years were filled with changes.  Changes that included me moving from my hometown of Milwaukee to Virginia, Maryland, a reunion back in Milwaukee, and finally settling in Texas, where I’ve had the extreme pleasure of calling home for the past 16 years. At an early age, life dictated that I would have to learn to adjust, change, and accept changes that were inevitable in my life.  These challenges were tough, and weighed heavy on me in ways that you couldn’t imagine. 

During these challenging times, I was able to channel my inner innovative self.  Thru creative thoughts and processes, I was able to find an outlet which worked amazingly for me.  I realized that I could actually process a creative thought and then bring it to reality.  By way of this process, I have developed a love for creative art.  I’ve always felt that art is a true form of expression and I had a lot of things that I wanted to express as I grew into a young woman.  Creative art has allowed me a platform to do so. Through the years my passion grew from small craft projects to full blown creations. I carried that passion forward and went from DIY leopard print walls to a complete fall collection. I found ways to excel, adapting to my surroundings after the trials and tribulations presented by life. I maintained my corky free spirit regardless of set obstacles.

After I began to see progressions in my creative art abilities, I decided that I would like to take a more in depth look into this industry.  It became very evident that I could envision myself working in this capacity as a career.  The only way that I felt as if I could maximize my abilities was to seek further education in this area.  The decision was made at this point to further my education by enrolling in college.  While college is not for everyone, I firmly believed that this step would place me on the fast track to success.  College would allow me the opportunity to learn the industry more in-depth.  I never wanted to be someone who only knew the retail side.  Instead, I wanted to be multi-faceted in terms of knowing the industry.  Thru hard work and dedication I was able to graduate with my degree, develop and apply these learned skills thru the professional guidance of select people within the industry.

Post college, I continued to make progressive strides within the industry.  While making strides within the industry, I also made strides in my personal life by becoming a proud mother of 3 children.  I have effectively used motherhood as a source of motivation to continue along this path.  In addition to my children, I also use my mother and her absence as a key motivator in my life.  We all need sources of motivation to help us along our selected paths, and I have found those motivational tools that fit me best.

Everything that I have shared is an inside look at what has brought me to this point.  I have been able to withstand life’s challenges and remain diligent, innovative, and motivated to realize my full potential within this industry.  My goals are lofty, but attainable with hard work, dedication, and a relentless spirit that chases success. This journey is one that I welcome you to follow me on, as I walk into a bright future and success on the next level. 

“Share your story, and begin a new reality”