Weekend Mom

I LOVE THESE! The Tameka Slide Sandal by Mossimo is my new favorite thing. Being a mother, it is often hard to find essentials that compliment your wardrobe and are very stylish and practical. I like to find good staple pieces anywhere. I find that I do not discriminate. The fact that I keep my mind open when shopping helps a lot too. What I mean by keeping an "open mind" while shopping is, I do not just think about an outfit that I can buy now. I also consider what I already have to compliment it and how it can be worn over time. I pair them with casual knit dresses to jeans and a tee. There are three-color choices to choose from; out of the three, I choose what worked best for me, which was White. These remind me of Birkenstock’s, I’ve never been the type to officially try them; so this is my version. With that being said, it is now officially the weekend, thank god! I am pretty sure that weekend will entail an avenger mission mixed with a Hello Kitty tea party.
What does your weekend have in store? What will you wear? Share with me...  

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