Today is FRIDAY, yall! We have made it through another glorious week. Today I am paying tribute to my younger days with this #flashbackfriday. Everyone has to have a good vintage tee to throw on here and there. This tee is compliments of Target, btw I LOVE THEM! The jeans are compliments of your local thrift store with the extra love (not included).
When boyfriend jeans became a "thing", it took me awhile to find the style and fit that I wanted. So, with me being the clover beaver I am; I decided to make my own. I was never able to find any that were lose and baggy like I wanted them. Everyone I encountered, was extra tight, not enough distressing, and totally wrong fit. I have been in love with these ever since.
I don't always like to follow the crowd on fashion fads or trends. I like to create my own, when creating your own you don't look like everyone else. Try something new, you might like it! Because if you like it, I LOVE it!

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